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POW-MIA Plaque

Photos Courtesy of Rich Hudson & Hank Elsworth

"Conde McCullough Bridge" Rails

Tying the "Old" into the "New"

When the restoration of the Conde McCullough Bridge began we contemplated tying in the beautiful bridge with the David Dewett Veterans Memorial. Built in 1936, the old bridge needed new rails to conform with the latest coding.

As with the DDVMW, God has been in it since the beginning because we have sought His guidance from the beginning. At many junctures in the process we at Point Man Outpost 101 felt that our cup was overflowing, but then our Lord would pour more into it.

This took place once again when "Hamilton Construction" personnel decided to not only donate three bridge rails, but they also offered to install them at the DDVMW for us.  This was God manifesting His grace once again.

   Here is a series of construction photos for you to enjoy and appreciate:

The Blue star represents one family member serving, and a banner can have up to five stars.

A Gold Star Family is the immediate family member(s) of a fallen service member who died while serving in a time of conflict.

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