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Planning for the Memorial, timelines and photo's.

Large Boulders were donated by Sam Main (L) of the Main Rock Quarry. 
Mark Winders on the right sizing up the front end loader.

The Plan

When David Kronsteiner, lifetime resident, Owner and President of West Coast Contractors (WCC) in Coos Bay, heard about the DDVMW in 2007 he was moved in a special way. 

Dave appointed his Superintendent, Dave Gerlach, to investigate into what it would take to encourage a group of local and state contractors/unions to garner enough support to complete Phase I of the project.  Through the ensuing months both Dave's tackled the idea with great zeal. 

We are thrilled to announce that they, with the assistance of many volunteers, have succeeded...!  We received a Letter of Commitment for $47,788.82 from West Coast Contractors dated February 6, 2008. 

After brainstorming for months our Point Man DDVMW Committee submitted a grant application to the Veterans' and War Memorial Grants program, which is sponsored by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD).  The total request submitted in December 2007 for Phase II was $63,000.00, which included 20% in Matching Funds by our organization.  We are extremely happy to announce that the Veterans and War Memorial Grants committee authorized the maximum grant of $50,400.00 on March 13, 2008...! 

Once all signatures are in place on the grant we will begin ordering the Granite slabs and Engraving.  Central Lincoln People's Utility District will install a power pole and Reese Electric will connect to it as well as do the electrical portion of the project.  We are confident that Phases I & II will be completed by mid-summer.

Point Man Outpost 101 is already planning for Phase III of the memorial.  We would like to refine the project with more benches, bronze plaques, a sundial, additional walkways and more landscaping.  Our organization will be responsible for maintenance  of the memorial through the years as well so we are continuing to seek on going donations of cash and/or paver bricks.  

Planning Meetings and Awareness

Ground Breaking Ceremony

March 17, 2008

A Big Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. John Ambrosini for hosting a luncheon
at their new "SOBERS" business following the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

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