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Brothers helping Brothers

Contact Information

Mark Winders - (541) 404-0785

Weekly Meetings


Myrtle Point - First Christian Church - Mondays - 5 - 6 pm

Coos Bay / North Bend - 
Shoreline Community Church - Tuesdays - 6 - 7 pm

"Point Man Ministries" has been operating in the Coos Bay area since 1988. Our local "Outpost" serves Veterans from all conflicts and active duty personnel in the entire South Coast region.

David Dewett Veterans Memorial Wayside

Dedicated to Our Heroes
Our community stands united in its dedication and commitment to the maintenance and stewardship of the Veterans Memorial. In partnership with our local residents, we pay tribute to the valiant men and women who have served our country with courage, ready to lay down their lives for the freedoms we cherish in our nation, our neighborhoods, and for our families and friends.

Explore the Legacy

The DDVM on our menu bar offers a concise gateway to explore the memorial’s rich history and the various events that commemorate our heroes. We invite you to join us on this journey of remembrance and reflection.

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