"Salute our Veterans"




In 2012 our Point Man Outpost decided that we needed to do more for our Veterans and their Families on Veteran's Day.  The American Legion offers an annual free Breakfast.  The Coos Bay Eagles Lodge provides free dinners for Veterans in the evening.  That left lunch open.  Our Board of Directors unanimously decided to sponsor a "Salute our Veterans" luncheon.

The owners and staff at Pony Village Mall were very kind to provide us with a large meeting room, tables, chairs, a sound system and much more.  We contracted Ame Catering to provide a nice lunch menu.  Jennifer and her staff we very nice.

Our Guest Speaker was Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) Director Jim Willis.  As always, he gave a rousing, encouraging, and at times, humorous speech.  A few other speakers followed.  Then it was time for the luncheon.


Photos courtesy of Nadine Allen.


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A good time was had by everyone so our Board of Directors voted to do another luncheon in 2014.



Point Man Outpost 101 held the second annual catered lunch at Pony Village Mall.  It turned out to be a great success having provided meals for well over 250 people from our community.  The Outpost was Honored to have served so many Veterans and family members at this event. 

The Coach House Restaurant, on of the finer eating establishments in or area, served an excellent meal and many returned for seconds.

Our speakers this year were3 all from the modern wars.  Each one shared moving experiences that shed light upon the effects of war on our Veterans as well as their families.

Point Man has been Blessed each year we have sponsored this event and we are looking forward to 2014 for another opportunity to serve Our Lord and our fellow Veterans.


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