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Quilts and Flags Project

Bicycle Raffle for Foster Children

 Coos Bay Flag Pole Project

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1967 Military Ambulance


Mobile Bunker

Safeway Stores and Wal-Mart Gift Cards


For the past 2-3 years we have been using donations to purchase "Gift Cards" from our local Safeway and WalMart stores.  When we hear of a needy veteran or family we offer them the cards to help them get back on their feet.  The cards range from $20 - $25 and can be used to purchase foodstuffs are well as tangibles.  Alcohol and cigarettes cannot be purchased with them per our agreement with these stores.  We are thankful to the management of the local Safeway and WalMart stores for their willingness to assist us in reaching out to our communities veterans.

Emergency Fund

Our outreach operates by "faith".  We believe that God will provide our needs if we are obedient to Him.  Through the years we have had a Benevolent Fund available for emergency situations.  A veteran may be short on food or need help with a utility bill.  Perhaps a bus ticket is needed to reach a destination in order to begin a job or meet a family need.  We in Point Man are ministered to as God brings the needs and meets them with His provisions.

Enduring Freedom Care Package and Letter Writing Campaign

Following the Terrorist attack on the World Trade Center buildings someone we watch the increased build-up of troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and other places.  Hank suggested that we begin a program to reach out to the active duty personnel.  Being veterans ourselves it did not take long for us to formulate a plan.  Safeway and WalMart stores would again step to the plate with donations and space for our Photo Displays of active duty personnel from the South Coast region.  Here is a copy of our plan that was in action back then:

Point Man Ministries

Outpost #101

P.O. 1045

Coos Bay, Or 97420

"Point Man Ministries" has been established in the Coos Bay area since 1988. Our local "Outpost" is an outreach to Veterans of all conflicts as well as active duty personnel. Our target area is the entire South Coast region.

Due to the current political atmosphere, Point Man has decided to begin reaching out to current active duty personnel via a letter writing campaign as well as providing "Care Packages" to those on duty overseas. We know how good it felt to be recognized while we were in the service and want to reciprocate by honoring our current soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines from the South Coast.

Both the Coos Bay and North Bend Safeway Stores, as well as the Coos Bay Wal-Mart, have joined with us in this venture. All (3) stores will be displaying an "Enduring Freedom Photo Display" of our active duty men and women from the South Coast.

How can you assist us? 1) Provide us with names/addresses of your loved ones who are serving. All personal information will be kept confidential. 2) Spread the word of our activity. 3) Volunteer to be a letter writer. 4) Donate needed supplies/stamps for the project. 5) Contribute a financial donation to our "Care Package Fund". Point Man is a 501(c)3 organization so we can provide you with a tax-exempt receipt. We are committing 100% of all donations to the project. Please send your names/donations to: PMM, P.O. 1045, Coos Bay, Or 97420

Perhaps you can interest your school, office, church, business, club, etc. into accepting the challenge to team up with Point Man in this project. All of our coastal and inland towns are being affected by current events. Letís join together as a community to reach out to those from our South Coast region who are defending our Nationís freedom. Your gift will bring warmth and joy to a loved one serving in a foreign land or on a vessel at sea.

Point Man meets every Tuesday at 7 PM in the basement of the Foursquare Church at 5th and Donnelly. If you are a veteran or on active duty feel free to come fellowship with us.

WalMart.display.jpg (42007 bytes)                                       WalMart.Check.JPG (44146 bytes)                                    Safeway.NB1.jpg (50137 bytes)

                 Beginning of Wal-Mart Display             Mike Harris with Check       Beginning of NB Safeway Display

Point Man Ministries

P.O. Box 1045

Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Placement of "Enduring Freedom Photo Displays" at Coos Bay and North Bend Safeway Stores as well as Wal-Mart.

Suggested "Care Package" Items

Baby Wipes

Batteries (All Sizes)

Hard Candy




Single Serving Boxes of Cereal

Sun Screen

Individual Condiment Packs

Lip Balm

Chewing Gum

Eye Drops


Games Ė Cards - Dice


Sports Equipment



Cotton Swabs

Paper - Envelopes

Dust Proof CD Holder


Sewing Kit




Monetary donations to assist with purchasing and shipping.

"Gifts in Kind" to place in Care Packages.

Collection of names, addresses and photos of active duty personnel.


Rink Creek Cemetery "Avenue of Flags"

Around 2001 Point Man joined forces with VVA Chapter 799 to construct an "Avenue of Flags" at the Rink Creek Cemetery south of Coquille, Oregon.  The goal of the project was to honor those who have fallen in service to their country as well as the active duty and veteran population for their service.  Approximately 25-30 holes were excavated and filled with concrete to hold the flag poles.  Point Man and VVA Chapter 799 have taken the responsibility of setting the flags and maintaining them during Veteran's Day and other key holidays.


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