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Point Man International Ministries was founded by Bill Landreth in 1984.  Bill was a Vietnam veteran who served with the Americal Division.  For years he had suffered from what is known as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Having many symptoms of PTSD, Bill couldn't get all of his needs met by the Veterans Administration (VA). We believe VA provides a very necessary and important role on the road to most veterans recovery, but the concentration does not target the "spiritual" part of man.  

Bill had come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  His new Commanding Officer.  After God began healing Bill a passion rose up within him to begin sharing with other walking wounded regarding his newfound relationship.  Many say there is no cure for PTSD other than medication.  Bill had found out there was not only a cure, but also a way to live a strong and joyful life.  

Soon Bill knew that he had to pass the message on to his fellow veterans.  He founded Point Man International Ministries.  Sadly, Bill passed away due to a heart attack a couple of years later.  Other veteran brothers picked up the Point Man Ministry banner and carried it on into a new era.  We are proud to say that Bill's legacy lives on to this day.

Outposts and Homefronts

An Outpost is a local PMIM affiliate outreach involving our nation's veterans.  A Homefront is designed to minister to the spouses, family members and friends of veterans.

Point Man is always excited to add new Outposts and Homefronts to our roster. Our goal is to have an Outpost "around the corner from every hurting vet and his/her family". An active Outpost or Homefront accomplishes the following:

  • Prayer and Bible Study
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Weekly Outpost Meetings
  • Phone Counsel
  • Individual Counsel and Referrals
  • Literature Upon Request
  • Answers Vet Inquiries
  • Distribution of REVEILLE
  • Advertising
  • Provides Speakers for Churches/Organization


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