Our 1967 Military Ambulance



Ron Patnode came to us with the idea of purchasing an old military ambulance for our local Point Man outreach.  He informed us that it was sale for $3,000.00.  We bantered the idea around for awhile.  During the process Ron told us that he felt he might be able to get it for $1,500.00.  We agreed to take up a collection to see if we could raise the funds.  When talking to the seller he ended up giving it to us for $600.00.  We are thankful and will put it to good use.

The vehicle is in very good shape for being over 35 years old.  It is all stock and even has some of the original medical devices in it.  

Here's the icing.  We got a call from a gentleman who had another ambulance just like this one.  He worked closely with the owner of our vehicle and was able to pass along much documentation and let us know how to purchase "Conversion Parts" from NAPA Auto Parts at a discounted rate.

We will use the ambulance for static displays, transport of our "Mobile Bunker", etc.

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