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I have chosen to write this booklet with "military veterans" as my emphasis. My reasons are diverse. First, I am a product of the military service. I have experienced the daily routine of "Boot Camp" or "Basic Training". I have also experienced the trauma of combat duty in Viet Nam. These situations, combined with the events that took place following my military service, have been heavy on my heart for years. I am glad that I am finally projecting onto paper what is in my head and heart. My hope is, in some small way, this booklet may help you face your every day trials with new or renewed hope.

I want to emphasize very strongly at the beginning of this booklet that when and where you served in the military is not a major factor. All of us experienced some sort of trauma during our enlistment. It is true that some combatants suffer in differing ways than individuals who did not see front line combat, but I do not want to create a separation, or gap, between these two people groups.





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