"Thank You and

Continued Blessings"


Hank & Georgie Elsworth


Georgie, Mark Winders & Hank


When Mike Harris founded "Point Man Outpost 101" in 1988 he placed an ad in The World newspaper asking for Christian Brothers to come alongside him in order to advance the ministry.  Hank was the first Brother to attend a meeting.  Later he informed Mike that his pastor had asked him to check the new ministry out to see if it was legitimate.  Hank quickly affirmed the outreach and joined Mike in his desire to reach out to hurting veterans and their family members.

Mike's wife, Connie, started a "Homefront" shortly after the ministry gained a foothold.  Georgie assisted and several ladies received blessings as they sought our Lord for His direction.

In June 1990 Mike and Connie moved to Clearview, Washington to work fulltime at the "Point Man International Ministries" (PMIM) Headquarters Office in Woodinville, Wa.  Hank took over the local "Outpost" and, with God's glorious blessings, grew the outreach through the 1990's and 2000's.  He and Georgie's faithfulness through two decades has borne much fruit in our local communities.

In 2011 Hank and Georgie began seeking God for His blessing for them to move to the Portland area to be closer to their family.  Through faith and patience was honored when God opened the door for their home to sell here in Coos Bay.  This led to them attaining the home in the Milwaukee that they had been seeking through diligent prayer.  They have now moved north and are settled into their new home.

Brother Mark Winders agreed to take over as the new Outpost Leader.  He is an obedient servant and is doing a fine job with the ministry.

We had a going away Potluck to honor Hank and Georgie.  Everyone pitched in and blessed them with a beautiful stained glass piece to show our appreciation for their years of service.  We will miss their daily presence, but they are just a phone call or email away.

Here are some photos of the Potluck and Stained Glass piece:

Photos courtesy of Marty Zucker & Rich Hudson





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