Electric Bicycle Raffle


Foster Children


A check for $3,500.00 is present to the Department of Human Services Staff.


Point Man 101 takes on new challenge!

Point Man, always ready to take on a new Mission to help in our community, came together to do a Fund Raiser for the Foster Kids of Coos and Curry County.

Augie Deabler, being a long time Electric Bicycle guy, jumped at the chance when he saw two Electric Bicycles for sale on the Internet.  They were in California and the price was decent.  Augie approached the Point Man Board of Directors regarding a Raffle with 100% of the funding going to our local Foster Children. 

Since Point Man Outpost 101 has worked with the Department of Human Services (DHS) in the past to assist Foster Children everyone on the Board was in favor of the idea. 

The bicycles were purchased and Augie began communicating with the DHS on the project.  They were thrilled to hear the news!

When the owner was told about our project he was gracious enough to reduce the price some.  The Electric Bicycles were purchased and transported to Coos Bay from California. 

Augie then began to refurbish them.  It did not take too much since they were in good shape.  Soon they were in like new condition.

Everyone pitched in and the Electric Bicycle Raffles were held at the following locations:

* Coos Bay Toyota

* Wal-Mart

* Pony Village Mall

* Myrtle Point



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We would like to Thank everyone for their assistance with the Project!

Point Man Outpost 101 was proud to deliver a check to DHS for $3,500.00, which was 100% of what we collected.



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